What does Build In Public mean?

here's a quick introduction to the topic of building in public

Build In Public is:

- sharing stories (wins/lessons)

- being authentic and vulnerable

- rallying a community around your cause

Build In Public isn't:

- a gimmick to go viral

- a shortcut to fame

- a ploy to get users

Build in public takes time, intention, and consistency. Play the long game.

Why does it work?

Build in public allows transparency and storytelling. People love stories, especially when they are unfolding literally in front of their own eyes.

When done well, build in public combines your momentum with an enthusiastic community that generates an organic word of mouth. A positive word of mouth is the gold standard for marketing.

(A long-form essay on this topic is coming soon)

Read stories of creators/founders who've found success by embracing the "build in public" mindset very well.

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