What is building in public?

Each week, I get a bunch of inbound emails or Twitter DMs asking me define or elaborate on all things "build in public". The questions are similar in nature so I figured I make a public document with my answers to many of the frequently asked questions.

What is building in public?

Build in public is sharing stories (wins/lessons), being authentic and vulnerable- rallying a community around your cause. And more importantly, it is NOT a gimmick to go viral, a shortcut to fame, a ploy to get users.

To me, build in public is writing your own autobiography as a founder, creator or builder one tweet at a time.

Build in public takes time, intention, and consistency.

Why build in public?

Tangible reasons:  To make money (more sales due to more social proof), to grow an audience (more trusted followers as you’ll stay top of mind).

Intangible reasons:  To teach & inspire others to become a founder or a creator, to create impact.

Why is there a rise of “build in public” creators/founders?

The simple answer is since it’s the new hot wave.

The deeper answer is it allows transparency and storytelling.

People love stories, especially when they are unfolding literally in front of their own eyes.

Why does build in public work?

When done well, it combines your momentum with an enthusiastic community that generates viral word of mouth. And as we know, a positive word of mouth is the gold standard for marketing.